EA 12 month (Xbox)

EA 12 month (Xbox)

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About EA PLAY Xbox One 12 Months Subscription (Global)

EA PLAY Xbox One (Global) used to be called EA Access Xbox One (Global). It is a gaming subscription for Xbox One that lets you play as much as you want in The Vault – your growing collection of EA’s best games. Play an ever-growing collection of EA games from franchises like Battlefield, FIFA, Dragon Age and more as much as you want. Plus, try new EA games days before release, and save 10% on EA digital purchases on Xbox One (full games, DLC and more). Buy EA PLAY Xbox One 12 Months Subscription (Global) via Mrsudani now.

– Play EA titles before launch on Xbox One
Be the first to download and explore new titles as a part of your EA PLAY membership. Since you’re playing the real game and not a demo version, your stats and save progress automatically carry over if you buy once the game is publicly available.

– 10% off EA digital purchases
Expand your collection without breaking the bank by visiting the Xbox One Games Store and checking out your exclusive EA PLAY discounts. Digital pre-orders, full game downloads, Season Passes and DLC all come with a 10% price reduction.